Week 2

We made a page in our Three Bear Book each day and we read over 12 versions of the Three Bears over 8 days.

A favorite version is always somebody and the three blairs.

We start out our days with I Can Read We added 5 new i can read pages to our i can read notebooks, and we practiced reading those notebooks together, pointing to the words as we read and sang. We use the I can read selections to teach literacy skills and strategies, in addition to oral language. during these beginning weeks we concentrate on those very beginning skills:

reading and writing from left to right, top to bottom,

predicting text using pictures,

discovering patterns in text and using them to predict

learning to recognize beginning sight words.

we wrote several times each day. students are learning how to say a word out loud and try to write down the sounds that they hear. many students are writing the beginning sounds - every day they attempt to write more. they are working hard!

in their science journals we observe, draw, and label. I read books as we learn to research together. our main topics during week three will be a variety of animals and the transition into fall.

a few pictures from week 2.