Prepare Your Child for Kinder  


What you NEED TO do NOW to prepare your child for kindergarten:

  1. -Teach your child how to take off, hang up, put on and fasten his/her coat.

  2. -Find shoes that your child can get on and off independently.

  3. -Make sure that your child knows how to use public bathrooms independently, including taking care of his/her own clothing and hand washing.

  4. -Teach your child to open and close food containers that you will be sending in his/her lunch.

  5. -Make sure that your child has some experience being “dropped off” to spend some time without you; you want them to be comfortable being left at school each day. Don’t say anything that might cause your child to fear being left with us. Make sure that your child knows that kindergarten is a safe, special place where we have FUN. It is also a “big kid” privilege!

Please review the expectations below BEFORE you go shopping for school clothes and supplies:

Parents are expected to:

- get your children to school, on time, every day.

support what your child is learning in school

support teachers by assisting your child in learning the 3 R’s : at Candalaria we are:  respectful, responsible, and reliable

- assist your child in the learning process

send your child to school in clothing that s/he can paint, run and play in. 

send your child in comfortable clothes and enclosed shoes. No high heels.

Send your child in clothes that s/he can get on and off without assistance.

Pack your child’s lunch in containers that YOUR CHILD can open and close without help.

- write your child's name in a visible spot on his/her clothing, lunch box,  and backpack.

What you CAN do NOW to help your child have an easy transition to kindergarten:

- Sign your child up for the summer reading program at the Salem Public Library. Set a goal of reading to your child for a minimum of 10 to 15 minutes each day. When your child receives his/her "certificate of completion" at the end of the summer, have him/her bring it to me by September 15th to receive a special prize (I’ll give them a book that they can keep) AND recognition at a school assembly.

- Talk with your child about things that s/he will do during a typical school day: sit on the carpet, listen, sing, raise his/her hand to talk, hang up his/her backpack and coat, ask an adult to go to the bathroom, use a drinking fountain, walk in a line, walk up and down stairs*

- Teach your child to read and write his/her first name in correct case (NOT all capitals)

  1. -Make sure that your child is holding his/her pencil correctly and forming his/her letters correctly (from the top down)

  2. -Students should also be able to hold, and use, scissors correctly.

- Talk with your child to increase his/her oral vocabulary

- Talk with your child about how to meet new people and how to make friends.- Allow your child to develop independence and problem solving skills.

- Teach your child to think creatively.

For more information about what we do in kindergarten and how you can help prepare your child for starting school, please visit my other web pages.

If you are new to Candalaria Kindergarten you will find that a LOT of your questions can be answered be reading my Parent Handbook,

link to 2009-2010 handbook:

but Please, never hesitate to ask me questions!

If you have questions that are specific to your child you can email me. The email links on every web page go to my HOME email, so you can always reach me.