We learned to sign the Pledge of Allegiance to a song... the Lee Greenwood version of The Pledge of Allegiance.

If you would like to see one of the “final” ABC Phonics song videos... the one that is now a part of Nellie Edge’s website can be viewed at:

Just a quick Thank You for taking the time to come and listen to the kids sing and read this afternoon. I know how difficult it is to come to school during the day when you have a job and/or have to arrange for daycare for younger siblings.  I really appreciate you taking the time out of your day.

The kids were excited for days looking forward to this - and they were obviously thrilled as people started arriving. It was wonderful to have some grandmothers and a dad, too!  It was so busy that I didn't even see when Teacher Nellie arrived.  I hope that she will be able to come back for a less hectic "event" to have a chance to meet any of you who haven't had the chance to be introduced. 

Next time you are in our classroom be sure to have your child show you the beautiful ABC phonics and sign language book that Teacher Nellie wrote... the book that goes with the cd they sang with. The cd with the Pledge is one that Nellie brought in for us, too.  The first time I attempted to sign the Pledge was in one of Nellie's seminars. I had never heard it before, but I just love it!  Signing does not come as naturally to me as I'd like it to; I don't feel as comfortable with signing while teaching as I'd like to... (thank goodness the kids are patient with me when I mess up!)  I am SO grateful that the class has Anne and Nellie and that they don't have to rely on learning the signing from me; but, even though I am not very good at it - the sign language and phonics ABC song has made such a HUGE difference with learning letters and sounds that I can't imagine ever teaching beginning literacy without it. 

To those of you who stayed and helped with the copper art - the end results look great! The pieces will be a nice addition to their portfolios. You will enjoy picking up their art portfolios that last week of school : )

I'm sorry that we ran out of time to do clay.  I didn't think parents who came for the songs and cookie would be able to stay for as long as they did -  but I'm sure glad that they did! 

I still want to do clay with the class... so perhaps a couple of you could come back and help if we do it sometime during the next 2 weeks.  It would only take about 75 minutes from start to finish... but I'd want to have time to do it at a time when the class was calm and able to listen to directions -  they were pretty excited today compared to just an average school day.

Thank you for the wonderful week of Teacher Appreciation treats, lunches, coffee surprises, flowers, and notes - every day had some incredible surprise, I feel very spoiled!  Candalaria parents are the greatest - THANK YOU so very much for a delightful week,



Thoughts on Our

Mother’s Day “Event”  : )

Eventually... maybe I can get the video into a format where it will download quickly.