Errol is my 8th House/Classroom Rabbit.

All of my rabbits have always lived 100% indoors as House Rabbits. They have also all gone to school with me, no matter what grade I was teaching, Kinder through High School. 

So... they have a room (and a cage) at home, and a classroom (and a second cage) at school.

Starting with George (1984 - 1993)

and a few months later, Katie (1985 - 1998)

Spunk. and Rascal 

(rescued together - so birth dates unknown, owned 1993 - 1997)

Yuri, (from Willamette Valley Humane Society, owned 1997-1998)

Thunder (purchased, age unknown, owned from 1998-2001)

Bugsy (from WVHS, owned from 2000-2011)

and now Errol, born June 10, 2009

Why did we name him Errol?

Most of our pets are named in honor of favorite book characters.

In Harry Potter, Errol, is an ancient Great Grey Owl who serves as the family post owl for the Weasley’s. He has trouble carrying loads due to his advanced age, frequently needing help from other owls. He is often found unconscious after crashing into things or collapsing from sheer exhaustion.

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