WVHS Pet Club 2006-07






Pet Club” is a “club” that meets 4 times each year. It is a fantastic program that is offered by WVHS. We schedule it with Teacher Terri, so the days and times are different each year, but in my class we have always finished with our “classroom pets” theme before pet club starts. Ms. Terri  teaches a 30 minute lesson each time she comes: Pet Safety, Dogs, Cats, and Pocket Pets. She brings handouts which I like to copy and bind into a folder for each student, but the lessons themselves are hands on: the students each get a chance to role play something that has to do with pet care. Students also get a chance to share about their own pets OR to share about the pet that they WISH they had. (I use this concept of “wish pets” often throughout the year - it is great for graphing favorites.

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