Our Book Boxes 2013-14



The main reason to make a "special book box" for your child to use at home during the school year is to have a special place to store important homework books so that they won't get lost, and so that they are safe from pets and small siblings!  

We write several books throughout the year. Your child will also color his/her own copy of some xeroxed books. I send these books home so that your child will have books and reading that relates to what we are learning in class. When these items come home the point is for them to be reviewed at least a couple of times each month until first grade begins.

A special book box can be made from any box, it just has to be big enough to hold all of the books that your child will make at school and bring home to read this year. It can be a purchased plastic box, or a cardboard box. It can be decorated, but it doesn't have to be... just find a way to make it a "special" place for your child. 

It is also a great place to store the homework folder... AND the I Can Read Notebook when it comes home... AND the At Home Book Bags once you start getting those... AND the Elephant and Piggy Book Club Books... AND library books... 

These are our At Home Special Book Boxes from 2013-14... plus a few sibling Book Boxes from previous years!! : )