Each year OMSI Outreach comes to teach one class to every classroom in our school. Typically, our Primary Team alternates between “Kiddie Chemistry” and Dinosaurs. OMSI’s program is just one of many outreach programs available in our area. Others that are personal favorites of mine are the WVHS’s Pet Club, Talk About Trees, and the YEEP program.  Many of the Outreach Programs are free; however, the slots fill up quickly. You have to schedule these programs early in the year. There isn’t usually too much choice about days; but, it is definitely worth scheduling these “guest teachers” even if they do the presentation about “squirrels” before or after you are studying squirrels in class. I have found the presenters to be EXCELLENT teachers. Their well-established presentations really interest the students that they are developed for (as far as grade level) In my building,” PTA” does fundraising to be able to provide these excellent programs for our students.  

OMSI Chemistry