Understanding March Grades

You have already read my thoughts on the EPR when you read the “Progress Reports” web page in October...

This page will just give you the specifics on understanding your child’s March EPR scores:

These first 3 initial Reading Concepts were taught and assessed continually throughout September/October. We continue to practice these skills, at a more difficult level, throughout the year.

Concepts of Print  + means your child understands the parts of a book and the differences in how print works in Fiction vs Non-Fiction texts.

Predictions  + means that your child is able to do a “picture walk” (can use the cover pictures, the title, and the pictures throughout the book to predict (figure out) what the text of the story will say. (What we do before your child reads to me) AND s/he remembers to do one when presented with a new leveled reader.

Connections  + means that your child can think of ways that books and concepts relate to his/her own life and experiences. (Questions we discuss after reading)


            +  means that your child  can produce rhymes for 4 or more words out of the list of 8 words I gave him (If I say dog s/he can say hog or fog or log... but not splog or mog... in otherwords, can give me a real word from the “og” word family, not a “Dr. Seuss word” that rhymes.)

We have worked on rhyming a LOT during this second term.

           =  means can produce a rhyme for 1 – 3 words

AC  means they still do not understand the concept so we are continuing to work on it

Orally blends and takes apart words is something we are working on, but it will be not assessed until the next EPR.

Answers questions about a story +  means “Can recall details after hearing a story”

Retells a story in sequence + means “can accurately retell a story in sequence... including the Setting, Characters, Beginning, Middle, and End!” (Students had multiple opportunities retelling Folktales, and they retell the books they read to me after reading.)

Reads and comprehends Books Independently (Not required to be scored)

The District Kindergarten GOAL for the June EPR is to be “reading” at a DRA Level 3, which means that a child is reading familiar books, predictable books, and patterned texts.

Grading works as follows:

    +    Student reads independently, new or unfamiliar text.

    =    Student reads familiar or predictable text

    X    Student is not reading independently

****My personal goal is to have kindergarteners at a Levl 6 or above in June because I know that it makes the transition to Grade 1 much easier for students if they are at a 6 or above.)

****Note: Books that are labeled Level 1 or Step 1 or Stage 1 do NOT correlate to the levels that schools use. You will hear MUCH more from me on this subject later... but an I Can Read book like Danny’s Dinosaur, or Frog and Toad, may be called Level 1 but they are actually a DRA Level 18.

Speaking and Listening:

Shares Information (volunteers and contributes ideas and information on the subject we are talking about... using complete sentences, an audible voice, and making eye contact)

Listens to, understands, and is ABLE to follow two step directions.

(This doesn’t mean that they do follow them, just that they are able to!)

+ means they contribute voluntarily on a regular basis

= means that student seldom volunteers answers, or comments, during class discussions.

A/C   means that students often remain silent during our class discussions, not participating... your child may often say “I Don’t Know”, or “I Forgot”, or “I didn’t raise my hand!” when called upon.

Writing Continuum:

+      means that the student has completed ALL of the skills at that level.

=      means that the student has completed SOME of the skills at that level.

AC   Student does not demonstrate ability at the assessed level.

The district goal for kindergarten students is to have a minimum of: + at the Emergent Level by June.

**** In my opinion that standard is low. First grade students are currently scored on the much more difficult Grade 2 Writing Scoring Guide. Therefore, my personal goal is that students will have a minimum of: + at the Developing level, and at least an = at the Beginning Level by June.


**** Not all areas were scored because not all areas have been assessed yet.

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