A Turn at Lunch Duty


Lunch Duty: Each of the grade one class rooms, AND the All Day Kinder class, take turns working in the cafeteria.

Starting in January. Every third week, when I am on lunch DUTY, I will pick students from our class to assist.

There are 5 jobs for students each time we do duty. A student keeps the same job all week. There are 2 servers, 2 monitors, and 1 cards person.  

Each student will be given opportunities to do a job, but not all students get a chance at every job because we don’t have 28 spots for servers in one year. All students WILL be offered a chance to be a server OR a monitor at some point during the year.

Students who can read and order numbers 1 through 30 are chosen for cards duty.

No child will be forced to do a job, it is an honour to be a cafeteria helper! : )