Some family pets:

Name: Ms. (Laura) Flocker

Occupation: Teacher

How Long? 30 years! 2014-15 will be my 31st.

Grades taught? K, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th.

Favorite Grade? Whatever I’m currently teaching! I have enjoyed every class at every level K thru 12.

Favorite Subject to teach? My passion is teaching beginning literacy because it is incredibly rewarding; but, I also LOVE teaching science and art because those subjects allow me to teach students to think, wonder, create, experiment and play!


BA British History and English, MA Educational Administration, University of CA @ Riverside

Children: 2 daughters. During 2014-15: Kalia, 21, will be in her 4th year @ at OSU  Honors College and Karyna, (Kary) 18 will will be in her 1st year at OSU. You will meet them because they both do some of their community service volunteer hours in my classroom.

Pets at my house: Kurt, Drew, Fred, George, Magic, Errol, and 13 chickens (that we raised in class - a few each year) The 4 horses (Sparky, Lucky, Senora, and Sage) are my dad’s. Joker and Sierra live here, too!

Favorite hobbies: drawing, reading, painting, photography, writing, theatre, costuming, and traveling when I can afford it! I love ALL Fine Arts.

Favorite color: purple  : )

Favorite drink: iced black coffee

Favorite places: England, Europe, the South Pacific, the forest.

Favorite TV/movies: Dr Who, Fringe, Terra Nova, Harry Potter, and Lord of the Rings, The Holy Grail, and live theatre, dance, and music : )

Now... please email me and tell me all about YOU!!!

A few details:

Lucky and Sparky... my back yard.

Kurt and Drew in the dog room..

Our cats: Magic, Fred, and George.

My bunny, Errol, 4 years old.

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The 2 newest additions to the farm: Sennora and Sage, Wild Mustangs. 
  Sage is three now!
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