January in Room 15


   January just sort of flew by while we were busy learning. Confidence and independence seem to increase by leaps and bounds as students are mastering skills and concepts.

   During our morning literacy block days were spent learning new I Can Read selections, making pages for their letter Sounds Book, and practicing narrative writing in their journals. This month I had the opportunity to work one on one at least once with every student. I cycle through the class having a few students read to me each day so that I can continually know which reading strategies we need to work on, and so that I can keep the books in their book boxes up to date. Students who have learned all of the songs on the Sing, Sign, Spell and Read cd that I sent home are doing an incredible job of using words like “because” and “favorite” in their writing. We continue to practice these at school; thanks for doing your part to support your child’s learning at home!

   After lunch we continue to have a daily time with books. Students spent the first part of DEAR time reading the emergent readers in their personal book boxes and the second part of DEAR time doing partner reading with their choice of books from our classroom library (where the book selection is continually changing as our studies change.) Students are enjoying having some Everybody Book Boxes of leveled texts that they can choose to work on with friends. Other popular book choices in January were snow themed books (we were all hoping for some more snow!) and the assorted versions of the two folk tales that we studied: The Three Little Pigs and The Little Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly.           We have started having some guest readers come in to read to our class (we need readers from 12:30 - 12:45 OR during our afternoon snack time... which varies slightly from day to day. Please send me an email if you are interested in being a participant in our Read Across America celebration by being a guest reader in February or March.)

   In math during January I continued to learn our new math curriculum as we studied shapes and continued practicing numeracy concepts. The class seems to especially enjoy using our lap sized white boards to draw out their solutions to my addition and subtraction story problems.

   Science topics included watching the transition from Fall to Winter and the beginnings of a study about birds.

   We had a guest teacher add to our social studies lessons by doing several lessons on Dr. Martin Luther King in mid January and a few days of Chinese New Year activities for the Year of the Horse.

   Our Little Old Lady Who Swallowed the Fly art project will be finished and up in the hall by the end of this week. Students learned to use water soluble oil pastels as they added color to their Old Lady line drawings. The various animals that she ate will be finished with watercolor paints and then glued onto her tummy in 3D.  

   Below... some pictures from late December and January.

Another Busy Month!