August 24 - 26, 2012


As some of you know...

The summer of 2011 was a big remodel for our building so we spent 2011 packing... and September 2011 UNpacking.

Well... in June 2011, after the kids and the rest of the staff left for the summer... I finally unpacked my last 7 boxes!!!

So... when I left on June 28th my classroom was THE MOST ORGANIZED it has EVER been... in 27 years. Even with all of the “stuff” that it takes to teach kindergarten... including my thousands of books.

It took 5 years of purposely going through EVERY box, cupboard, file and drawer to get it down to what I have today. Getting rid of things was painful...

Giving things to my student teachers helped ease the pain : )

Going back this year feels a LOT less stressful than it ever has before because I look forward to using the many new systems of organization that we have slowly implemented.

It will be fun to share with you which ones work. I already know that we will continually find ways to improve. We never stop looking for ways to simplify the paperwork, the classroom supplies, and the classroom organization.


I collect parent email addresses at the kinder orientation in April. This year, I started my I online communicating with parents a little later than usual since I was updating my website. The first email that I sent out was VERY brief and dated August 24th:


If you are wanting to get up to date with kindergarten parent information

please start checking out the NEW All Day Kindergarten Class Website:

Later today I will be sending out information about how to sign up for a DRA Testing time for your child.

I am looking forward to seeing all of you very soon!

Ms. Flocker

Just enough to let parents know that the website was there.

However... For those who might have gone to the website on the 24th they would have found 26 pages of information!! Everything from Snack information to Volunteering and our Dismissal Routine. I had tried to think of ALL of the questions and concerns that might possibly be on their mind if they were aprehensive about the first day and then I made a page for each topic.

I think of these Parent Information Pages as a FAQ page. I just try to answer the questions before they are asked whenever I can! As the year goes on... anytime that I have information to share with parents I will ad it to these pages IF it is specific to the class of 2012-13.

I have a second set of information pages called “General Kinder Information for Parents.” These pages are where I put information that will most likely apply to current kindergarten families... but also to future kinder families, or even to kinder parents who don’t have their children in my class.

The next email that I sent out to parents on August 25th was also very brief:

Room 15 Kindergarten Parents:

The two pages Re: DRA are up on my class website now:

Go to: Parent Information for 2012-13 and read the 2 pages called:

Fall DRA Assessment Info page

Days and times available are listed on the DRA Sign Ups page.

EMAIL ME TO GET SIGNED UP!!  (or just reply  to this email)



I like to set up the schedule for my DRA testing  BEFORE school starts. As parents email me to request a time I go onto my web site and sign them up. If you were to look at my DRA Sign Ups page right now, I already have most of my students signed up. It makes the testing easier on parents when they have advanced notice and a choice of times, so try to make this process as easy as possible. (I remember what it was like to have to try to rearrange daycare at the last minute when I w as working!)

I can tell that people are reading the Parent Info pages because as people are requesting their times they are making little comments about some of the other content that I have online for them. I have a LOT there... When I send out very BRIEF daily emails, and when I direct them to look at a different page or two each day... I can get a LOT of info covered before I am technically back at work. The brief email that I sent today was:

Dear Kinder Parents:

For a sneak peak at one of the things your child will be starting with...

go to:

Parent Information for 2012-13

and look at today's entry:

ABC Phonics Challenge!

Laura  : )

I know that this system of easing parents in by sharing a bit of information each day wouldn’t work for everyone... but it makes going back easiest for ME when I sort of ease back in.

It also gets parents used to looking for information from me. I typically write “Kinder News” in the topic line of each email to make them easy to spot.


Getting Started...

Easing back in as summer ends...

Helping first time Kinder Parents relax by sharing some general information and by letting them know that I’m looking forward to a great year!