September Parent Training ’11

At this September Parent training night I mainly talked to parents about:

  1. -the importance of singing and signing the abc’s using

  2. -ABC Phonics: Sing, Sign, and Read!

  3. -

    More information at:

-  using name tickets to practice correct letter formation at home, AND at school

-and the importance of reading to their child every day.

I wanted to make sure that parents all got started supporting their children at home while we mastered letters, signs, sounds, and beginning concepts of print in class.

Handouts included:

  1. -a color, laminated, magnetic copy of the Sing, Sign and Read ABC chart

  2. -research behind Nellie Edge’s sing and sign ABC book

  3. -a name ticket (Comic Sans 48pt)

  4. -a fingerspelling name ticket

  5. -a Zaner-Bloser Handwriting chart with arrows

  6. -name ticket strategy: why and how

  7. -Reading With Children (how to give support)

  8. -Comprehension Strategy Bookmark of how to help cue your child while s/he is reading to you at home... what cues to give and what order to say them in!

  9. -Let parents know that all students will have a take home book bag with reading homework in it...

AND the regular reading homework where parents read to their children.

Nellie briefly explained the research behind Sign, Sign and Learn Phonics.

I explained how well the signing and name ticket strategies have worked for my previous classes and explained that we were giving parents these materials and this opportunity because we want to see just how much faster, and better, this program would be if these strategies were reinforced and practiced at home as well as at school.

I collected entry data re: name writing...

Saved the first name ticket homework packet that was returned in September...

And collected another name ticket sample on September 30th.

Students who are writing their name correctly will be starting on writing sight words (heart words) on October 1st, in addition to, or instead of, their name. (see pictures at bottom of page) I will collect name ticket samples monthly throughout this year.

I talked to parents about how very important it is to read to your child at home, even after your child starts reading!  I explained about my reading homework. (and about how much of a nag I am about it!) I showed the trophy that parent club will buy their child if THEY - the parents - follow through on the homework with their child.


First things first...