Heart Words

Nellie Edge offers a wonderful heart word strategy for learning sight words... the words children must know “by heart.”

I use all of Nellie’s ideas... I just tweaked my word lists a bit to match my own curriculum and to match the audience that my students are writing for - mainly their families.

In my room you will see the heart words on large hearts (poster board size) medium hearts (construction paper size) small hearts (4” die cut) AND mini heart words (2” diecut.)

My heart words are color coded so that no matter where you look in my room, the pink heart words will be pink (on charts, on word wall...)

These are the lists that I use (my first 4 of 8 sets of heart words.) At the bottom, you will find an explanation of where I cross referenced my lists to.

Heart Words –

Comparing Lists (see bottom of page)

pink heart words

*I                *a                *see            mom            dad              **you           cat              dog                from            love              like             *the

*my             *me 


lavender heart words

*to               book            * by             end

**can           dear             thank           we            

have             this             *is                 yes

in                  no

yellow heart words

he                at                  she           for  

with             are                was           on  

am                his                 girl           **said         boy               be

green heart words

stop              her             *go               *it

look              they             in                  get                today            as                 happy         friend             because         if

**not          **one          **play           **come        **down       **here         **two 

   pink heart words

   lavender heart words

   yellow heart words

   green heart words

* List 1, level 3, DRA words

**List 2, Level 6, DRA words

# From list of “Most commonly used in Reading & Writing”

Laura Flocker, 2009

For individual themes or author studies we also have lists of heart words that you will love to use when writing. Here are a few examples of those lists:

Elephant and Piggy Words  (set 1 of 3)

Boo!           Hello!         Wow!         good

know          Oh…           help          doing

great         okay            want         maybe   

what          surprise

Bunny Words

hop          furry       Errol        will

here         all           apple       big

Bugsy      not         that          do

how         of           fun           play

Royalty Theme Words

queen      king             princess       once

upon        knight          sparkly        dragon

castle      pretty         fairy            unicorn     

tiara        rainbow       shiny           crown

sword      prince

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