Entry Data


It is difficult to get any meaning out of individual scores without first having some sort of feeling about the group as a whole.

In September, the kinders were tested on some basic information that helps teachers know where to begin instruction. these graphs show the incoming scores for the entire group on a few basic tasks.

although most students enter kindergarten with many of hese readiness skills in place, none of them are required.

1. Concepts of print is one of the first areas we teach because it is crucial to readiness to read. The entry test has a possible high score of 8. for All Day students, an entry score of 6, or 7 is typical. (8 possible)

2. Many students come in able to recognize and name most of the upper case alphabet. a score of 18 to 24 is average at entry. (26 possible)

3. Many students come in knowing fewer lower case than upper case. a score of 16 to 21 is average at entry. (26 possible)

4. Fewer students come in knowing letter sounds. It is normal for students to enter with scores of 20 - 35 in september. Since we start right off learning the sign language ABC song students pick up lots of the  letter sounds during the first 5 weeks of school. (This test asks for the letter sound and a word that starts with that sound, so the sign language abc song is a perfect method of learning sounds. (48 possible)

5. it is typical for students to have entry scores of 2 at entry.  Students are given an opportunity to read a list of 20 “sight words.” This year, most students entered with a score of zero. at the end of the year an average number of sight words for the all day class is over 65. it won’t matter at all that many of them are starting with zero. they will all know some words very soon! (20 possible)

When i give you the score for your own child, you can use these graphs to get a general idea of where your child scored compared to his/her peers.

  1. 6.Total DRA Entry score (105 possible)


Half of the class, 13,  scored below 80.

9  scored below 60.

3  scored below 40.


UPDATED SCORES...   DRA subtotal... out of 107

Data Graph:  October 30, 2012


4  scored below 80.

2  scored below 60.

1  scored below 40.

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