First Day, 2012    : )

wow.  just wow.

You know, I forget how exhausting these first days are...

By the end of the year the kids are so incredibly self sufficient and able to do so many things... I forget how much energy September takes.

Like I told them... the first day is the worst... from now on it gets better every day!


I had all sorts of fun things planned...

we didn’t get to them.

Here’s what we did do:

9:15... all tears were gone within 5 minutes.

Thank you for leaving promptly at 9:15. It makes it so much easier for the kids when the parting is quick and easy. Thank you! It was probably the easiest start i remember.

We reviewed the procedures for:

how to sit on the rug (1)

line up


take turns

maintain personal space


we showed the I can read notebooks and explained how they will make a wonderful book over the year.

they read I can read colors together.

we prepared to send them to their tables... to sit at their nametags and share supplies. We explained the shared supplies shelf, class jobs,  and the job of the supply person for each table. we handed out papers...

but it was time for recess!

we reviewed lining up, bathroom procedures, personal space,  Recess Rules...

after Recess and the I can read... it was already time to teach them how lunch in the cafeteria works!

The day pretty much went on like this...  with everything being new, the first day has a massive amount ofteaching routine and proceedure.

they did great!! tons of new information and they did their best to take it all in.

PE... Media... fire drill practice, our dismissal routine,...

every part of our day is structured in a way that works really well...  but there is so much to teach these first few weeks. Setting up the structure takes time, energy, and patience.

I’m really impressed with how well this class did on day 1!!!!

First Day of All Day Kinder...