Help your child Prepare for starting kindergarten...

Welcome to Candalaria Kindergarten!

Instead of being the transitional year between home and school, Kindergarten is now the first year of your child's formal schooling. Kindergarten sets the foundation for future success in school.

Although kindergarten is more academic than it used to be, it is still developmental. Each child will have his/her own unique starting point... as well as his/her own rate of learning, so every child will exit kindergarten in his/her own unique place. Our goal is to have each kindergartner make as much social and academic progress as possible while s/he develops confidence and a true love of learning. We will share our love of learning with your child to help him/her discover the joy in learning while s/he acquires a strong foundation in the basic areas of literacy and math.

To determine each child's starting point, a one on one assessment (DRA 2) will be given to each child on September 4th, 5th, 6th, and 9th.

During 2009-10 the PLA was replaced with the DRA 2; so, if you have had children in kinder before who took the PLA, the actual incoming assessment has changed, but it is still given for the same purpose.

The DRA assessments are used to evaluate your child's incoming knowledge of books, letters, sounds, and reading readiness. This gives teachers the information that we need to be able to plan Fall instruction. There will not be any school for Kindergarten students during testing, except for the one 2 or 2.5 hour “appointment” when you will bring in your child to take the assessment with his or her teacher.

(Sign ups for September testing can start as soon as you see a link below.)

This year, the State of Oregon is also requiring kindergarten teachers to give a new Kindergarten Readiness Assessment. Parts of this will be given along with the DRA, and the rest will be given over our first few weeks of school.

For information on Kindergarten “Readiness” go to:

             What does Kindergarten “Readiness” really mean?

Students will be dropped off for approx 2 1/2 hours on their testing day.


You are the first, and most influential, teachers your child will have; therefore, we view the education of your child as a partnership. Please review the expectations below BEFORE you go shopping for school clothes and supplies. Thanks!

Parents are expected to:

- get your children to school, on time, every day.

  1. -support what your child is learning in school

  2. -support teachers by assisting your child in learning and living by the 3 R’s : at Candalaria we are:  respectful, responsible, and reliable

- assist your child in the learning process

  1. -send your child to school in clothing that s/he can paint, run and play in. 

  2. -send your child in comfortable clothes and enclosed shoes. No high heels.

  3. -Send your child in clothes that s/he can get on and off without assistance.

  4. -Pack your child’s lunch in containers that YOUR CHILD can open and close without help.

- write your child's name in a visible spot on his/her clothing, lunch box,  and backpack.


We encourage ALL parents (grandparents are welcome, too!) to get involved at Candalaria by volunteering either in the classroom, on field trips, in the Media center, and/or to assist with any of our many school wide activities.

Kindergarten classrooms need parents to help with all kinds of jobs from cutting and coloring to working with individuals or small groups of students; some of these jobs can even be done at home. Please fill out the volunteer interest form, and a criminal history report, so that you will be ready to volunteer in the Fall. The criminal history report MUST be processed and cleared before you can work in our classroom or chaperone on a field trip. If you think that you may already have one on file please email me your name/s - first and last - and I will look it up for you. Clearances are good for 2 or 3 years.

Note: The all-day kinder typically has the fewest parent volunteers because most of our students have both parents working full time. If you might be able to sign up for one of our at home jobs we’d really appreciate it!

Communication Home

Students will bring a "Thursday Folder" home from school each Thursday.  School newsletters, information for parents, and class newsletters will be sent home in Thursday Folders. Thursday folders should be returned to class, EMPTY, on Friday.

My main forms of communication are by email and through my website.

I send my letters out online to every family who is on our class email group. If you have a grandparent or other family member who would like to be added to our email group please let me know.

Important Dates:

Sept. 3rd will PROBABLY be our Back to School Night (BTSN) for ALL K - 5th FAMILIES  (bring your child for a quick peek at his/her classroom)

Sept - 4th, 5th, 6th and 9th are the ASSESSMENT Days for Kinder


       Each student will ONLY come in for ONE time slot out of the                                   assessment days.

       Each assessment time slot allows for 30 minutes (per child) of one on one time with me, but they will also work with Mrs. Winkler, and with Kalia, during their testing time.

       4 or 5 students will come during each time slot.

Sept  - 10th is the First Actual whole Day of school for kinders

Sign Up For Your Child’s Assessment Day and Time
by responding to the DRA email 
that I sent families on August 11th, 2013
Go to DRA Sign Ups
and to 
Fall DRA Assessment Information